Baseball Administrator - Update 7

TG Platform Administrator Update: Friday 8th September
Please see below for a list of the releases this week, as well as an outline of what is scheduled for the upcoming week.
TG Platform Releases: Week 4/9 - 8/9
  • Incognito window no longer required when clicking the registration form URL within the ‘Test & Publish’ Tab
  • Ability to upload a photo to a member’s profile page
  • General bug fixes and enhancements
  • Bug fixes and enhancements to the competition creation wizard
  • Enhancements to the public portal for fixtures, results, ladders and statistics
Scheduled Releases
We are continuing to perform bug fixes and enhancements to the system on a daily basis in conjunction with our planned development deliverables. 

SportsTG has publicised a business roadmap for TG Platform which can be accessed here: map/

This is updated on a monthly basis, and represents the overall deliverables for the
business throughout that month.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are your members receiving an OAuth error when they click on the Registration Form? 
It may be because the incorrect link has been used. Please follow these steps here to generate the correct link to your club’s registration form:

I’m trying to create a new account, and I receive an administrator error. How do I proceed?
We are in the process of enhancing this screen. Currently, if your members are receiving the below error message:

It is more than likely because they already have an account created. In this instance, we would recommend clicking ‘Already have an account? Login’ and proceed through the form that way.

Users can complete a password reset as part of the login process.

Customer Support
If you need assistance with TG Platform please navigate to our link here to access help articles or submit a support request: 
When submitting a support ticket, please provide us with the workflow and any relevant screenshots so that our Support team are able to assist as fast as possible
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