How do I create a Clearance Request?

From Memberships, select the Clearances tab.

Click Create Clearance Request. This will open the Create Clearance Request window.

You must know the First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth of a member to create a clearance. Enter these information and click Search.

The member details will be shown below the Search button.

Click on the Request Transfer icon at the beginning of the line.

Fill in the required details and click Next Step.

NOTE: if you choose No in the Financial information, you need not provided any information related to finances. If you choose yes, you can provide Salary payment and Payment Amount.

NOTE: you can enter the reason for Clearance request in the description.

Review the information and click Save.

NOTE: you will receive an email indicating you have requested a clearance. The member for whom the clearance was requested will also receive email.