How do I update my homepage?

You can add a message and image to the homepage of your website.

From My Organisation, select the Webpage tab, then Website Settings.

Scroll down to the Homepage section.

You can enter a message that will appear on the homepage.  Type this under Cover Message.

NOTE:  currently there is no way to change the colour of the homepage message text.  The colour is white.  You need to upload a dark image so the writing will appear.

To upload an image, click Choose File.  This opens a standard selection box where you can navigate to where your image is.

Once you have selected your image, click Upload.

The image will appear in the Cover Image section after you click upload.

Click Save.

To view the changes on your website, click Open Website in a New Window.

NOTE:  your logo will appear automatically in the header row if it has been uploaded to TG Platform in the Contact Details page under My Organisation.