How to I resolve duplicates?

NOTE: Resolving duplicates can be done only at the national level.

From Memberships select the Members tab.

Select Duplicates tab.

NOTE: you can also reach this tab by clicking on Possible Duplicates from Dashboard.

Click View duplicate. This opens the details page.

You can do the following when resolving duplicates by clicking on the buttons at the right side of the page.

  • Merge using Original as base means all the information on the newer record will be merged into the original record.
  • Merge using Newer as base means all the information on the original record will be merged into the newer record.
  • Newer is not duplicate means that the new record is not a duplicate of the original one and both the records will be retained.
  • Delete Original will delete the original member record.
  • Delete New will delete the new member record.
  • Don't do anything at this stage will leave the both records as they are so you can look at them later.

NOTE: clicking the delete option will permanently remove the information. Ensure to review the details before deleting.

If you need to see more details to confirm which record is correct, click Show more details under the member details.

This will open a pop-up with more information on the member. Click Close once you viewed the information.