How do I use Financial Filter?

NOTE: before filtering the members, to learn when a member status is financial, please see the article - Financial Status: Overview

From Memberships, select the Members tab.

Select the Financial Filter tab.

This will display the list of members with their financial status.

You can also use financial filters for each level to filter members based on their financial status.

From the filter dropdown, select the status. 

NOTE: You can use the filters at other levels also by select the respective drop-downs.

This will display the list of members with the chosen status for the particular level.

Hover over the letters under Financial Status Column to find out the levels. There are traffic light symbols displayed next to each level indicating the financial status.To know what these traffic lights mean, please see the article What do the different symbols mean in the financial status?

If you want to export the list of the members, based on the Financial Filter, click on the Export Table Data at the bottom of the list. This will export the list in csv format.