Financial Status: Overview

In TG Platform, there are two status which indicate the financial status of the member. They are:

1. Financial 

2. Non-Financial

When is a member status financial/un-financial?

Any time an individual purchases or has purchased (fully paid, not part-paid) for them a Registration Fee Product they are given a status "Financial" in accordance with the rules set for that product. This is generally a period of days selected when the registration fee product was created.After the set date period, the member becomes "Un-financial".

A member has a "financial status" for each level of National, State, Association and Club. To be "financial" at each level a member must have purchased a registration fee product created at that level. 

A member can be financial for one organisation at a specific level, and un-financial for another at the same level (ie when a player plays for two different clubs or leagues).

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