How do I create a new registration form from the national form?

To create your club's registration form, you need to begin with the national registration form.  You can add your own fees, merchandise and questions to the existing national registration form.

From Memberships or My Organisation, click the Registration Fees & Forms tab.

From the Registration Fees & Forms page, select the Forms tab, then the Forms Made Available to Me tab.

You should see the Registration Form listed in the Form Name column.

NOTE:  do not click on the name as that will only open the form for you to see.  It will not let you modify it.

Click the Use this form button  at the beginning of the row.

This will open the national registration form in edit mode so you can add your own fees, merchandise and questions.

NOTE:  you will not be able to change the fees and questions already in the form.  You can only add new ones.

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