How do I make products available to specific members?

Products may be only available to specific members, such as boys or players or members under 16.  After you create a product and add it to a form, you can specify who can see it.

Select Products & Forms.

NOTE:  this is also available under the Memberships menu.

My Forms is the list of your Registration Forms.

Select Products.

Click on the product name.

Select Display Rules.

Set the rules as required.

If the product is only for boys or girls, click in the Gender field and select from the drop down list.

If the product is only for members of a certain age, enter either born after or born before dates or both.

NOTE: when you click in the date field, a calendar opens.  It is advisable to select the year first, then the month, then click on the day.

If the product is only for certain member types, tick the boxes that apply.

When you have finished, click Save.