How do I register as a non-player?

Once you have logged in you are taken to the first page of the registration process.

You can choose to register for yourself or someone else. Choose the option from the dropdown.

Based on the options you choose, you will have the personal details filled in. If you choose Myself, your details will be filled or if you choose Someone else, you will have to enter the details.

Once you have the personal details filled in, choose the member type you want to register as.

If you want to register as a non-player, choose the member type as anything other than Player.

You can choose: Coach, Official, Scorer, Umpire or Volunteer. Click Next.

You might be asked for more details depending on the setup done by your club. If you are asked for more details, enter answers for those questions and click Next.

NOTE: if the questions are not mandatory, then you need not provide an answer.

You will be taken to the Summary page without asking for any payment details. Click Submit Only.

You will be registered as a non-player.