How do I send an email to my members?

From Memberships select the Members tab.

Click the checkbox at the beginning of each line to select the member(s) you wish to email.

NOTE: To send email to everyone listed on the page, check the box in the header row.

Once you tick the boxes, a Send Email button will display.

Click Send Email.

Click on magnifying glass to select an Email Template and/or Email Letterhead if applicable.

This opens a new window.  Click the link to add Email Template.

Similarly, click the link, to add a Email Letterhead.

NOTE: Selecting Email Template and/or Email letterhead is not mandatory.

Click Next Step.

All the recipients you have selected are displayed. If you wish to add more recipients, click Add New Recipient .

Click Next Step.

Enter the email subject under Subject and the text of the email under Message (Rich Text).

Click Next Step.

If it is not a marketing email, select the check box under Confirm Not Marketing.

If you want to change the priority, select it from Priority drop down.

By default the email is sent at midnight. If you want change the time, select a Scheduled Send Date Time. 

Click Next Step.

Review all the details and click Confirm and Send.